I've used Google Analytics for many years. It's free, it's more than powerful, and it's from Google, so it's probably not going anywhere. The problem with Google Analytics for me however, is that it keeps getting more and more complicated. I feel like I need a degree to use it when all I want are some basic metrics.

Google Analytics Screenshot from my new One to Better blog.

A few months back I discovered Fathom Analytics and I was impressed with the simplicity compared to Google Analytics. The first thing you see on their homepage is "Your website analytics should be simple, fast and privacy-focused". Fathom doesn't require cookies, and they are GDPR, ePrivacy, PECR and CCPA compliant. Instead of pages of reports that I mostly don't need, I get a clean, easy to read dashboard with just the metrics I care about.

Currently there's not much to see as far as metrics since I just started the blog, but I was already dreading having to dig through all the screens and reports with Google Analytics. I'm maintaining multiple websites and I regularly look at analytics, so I decided it was time to go a different path. Now, Fathom isn't free like Google Analytics is, but it's affordable. Now, I can now check analytics in a fraction of the time, without the dread I usually feel when I open Google Analytics. If there's one thing I value, it's my time.

The only downside is there's no native mobile app from Fathom. Not the end of the world, but native apps in my opinion are almost always a faster, more enjoyable experience over web apps, so I'm hoping that one day they'll have one.

If you are also tired of Google Analytics and you're looking for a faster, easier, and more private alternative, give Fathom Analytics a spin.

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