The internet has made the concept of being a life-long learner so easy it's almost trivial. Streaming videos on demand allows anyone with an internet connection to learn just about anything we want regardless of age.

While learning new skills as we age can be more difficult, we are far more capable than we realize. According to Rachel Wu, a neuroscientist at U.C. Riverside, having a "Growth Mindset" is one of the keys to sustaining our cognitive development.

I learned to code and built websites in my 40's. Now, in my 50's, I'm doing more than ever without code while trying to level-up my writing and storytelling skills. According to a recent article by Margaret Talbot in The New Yorker, "Why It's Not Too Late to Learn New Skills", now, may be a better time for me to pursue such skills. Apparently, "crystallized intelligence" or life experience adds to my storytelling abilities. Who knew?

"Not only is there no age at which humans are performing at peak at all cognitive tasks, there may not be an age at which humans are at peak on most cognitive tasks. –Joshua K. Hartshorne and Laura T. Germine."
Screenshot from the article "Why It's Not Too Late to Learn New Skills", by Margarot Talbot, The New Yorker.
Why It's Not Too Late to Learn New Skills, by Margarot Talbot, The New Yorker.

The article highlights studies that have found our minds have different strengths and weaknesses throughout our lifetime. Also, learning more than one skill at a time, as children do, may be more efficient.

Now, if I can just remember where I put my reading glasses. :)

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