How to Convert Word to PowerPoint with ChatGPT

Today’s One Thing is how to convert Word Docs to PowerPoint using ChatGPT Plus.

How to Convert Word to PowerPoint with ChatGPT
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Nov 3, 2023
Today’s One Thing is a short tip on how to convert Word Docs to PowerPoint using ChatGPT Plus.
Tip for use with ChatGPT Plus
Have you ever needed to transform a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation? Maybe you have a report that you need to turn into a presentation? While you can do this from within Word, it’s not a universally available feature. Fortunately, you can do this easily using ChatGPT. Currently, this requires the paid Plus version of ChatGPT using the Advanced Data Analytics option listed under GPT-4. It’s also not currently available on the mobile app, unfortunately.
Note: This will only work for text. ChatGPT will ignore graphics as of this date. This limitation will change shortly as the current multi-module capabilities get combined into one chat (this is already rolling out to some users).
1. Copy your Word text.
2. Open a ChatGPT session.
3. Paste the text and request a PowerPoint conversion using a prompt similar to the one below.
ChatGPT prompt: please convert this text below into a multi-slide ppt and provide the link for me to download.
Note: Ensure you’re not dealing with sensitive information like PII or proprietary company data.
Voilà! You have your basic slides with your content ready to download—no fuss, ready for additional tweaks and formatting. It’s ideal for those moments when Word’s features aren’t available, or they aren’t working as expected.
That's all for today. Until next time, the pursuit of better never stops. Keep striving, keep thriving.✌️
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