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AI Avatar Generator and How to Make Your Own

Welcome to this week’s Techbytes, a selection of recent ideas, news and technology I’m following, reading about and testing. This week I’m highlighting AI avatars, generative AI startups, 20 Metatrends and Moonshots, creating content using the rule of three, and a free Fundamentals of Copywriting YouTube course.

The Generative AI Gold Rush

The AI gold rush is on, and generative AI is the latest shiny object. This new form of AI can create original content faster than ever, and artists and content creators can’t get enough, looking for the next great tool.

Friday Techbytes #3

This week was Apple OS release week with new updates for MacOS and iPadOS, and I’m one of those early adopters who usually updates on day one or within a few days of release…

Friday Techbytes, Imitation, and Mediocrity

We often see the first part of this quote, but not the later that points to the mediocrity of what one is currently doing when imitating greatness. It’s a reminder that we all start out mediocre (if that) at the beginning with any new …