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DALL-E 3 Image Seed And Halloween Fun

Today’s One Thing is just a little fun I had creating Halloween illustrations using DALLE-3 inside ChatGPT Plus and I thought I’d share the process I went through trying to tweak an image to match my preferences.

Compelling Profiles: Why Minimalist Profile Portraits Make a Memorable Impression in Marketing

Profile and silhouette portraits have always captured my imagination as a photographer. There is power and mystery in a striking profile or silhouette portrait. I'm working on an AI-series of design-style profile and silhouette portraits to showcase their beauty, strength, and mysterious quality. These portraits also work beautifully in design with single-color or gradient backgrounds, giving them a stylish aesthetic suitable for creative business and marketing purposes.

Fleeting Thoughts And The Intoxication of Art Creation

As I was writing in my journal this morning, I began to think about how I miss shooting street photography, something I regularly did before the pandemic. Like many things that enter my mind these days, I started working on a poem and art based on how I love watching people and how they interact in their bubbles of space. There is so much beauty and mystery in their movements and expressions. I pull from my mental toolbox and Theory of Mind to ascertain their thoughts and feelings.

Changing Perspectives Through AI

As an artist and creator, I have my ups and downs. Sometimes I get an idea in my head and can't stop thinking about it, like how I am with AI-generated art now; other times, I feel lost. I learned years ago that changing your perspective can often lead to a new mindset and ideas. I find this to be true no matter what I'm working on.

The Generative AI Gold Rush

The AI gold rush is on, and generative AI is the latest shiny object. This new form of AI can create original content faster than ever, and artists and content creators can’t get enough, looking for the next great tool.

Friday Techbytes

Bubble development training, AI assisted drawing and glance medium …