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Time and Identity

Today's One Thing I'm thinking about is a quote by John Mayer: "I like watches that remind me of a person that I've never been." This quote resonated with me and made me think about how objects, like watches, are not just tools or accessories but vessels of creativity, self-expression, and self-discovery.

DALL-E 3 Image Seed And Halloween Fun

Today’s One Thing is just a little fun I had creating Halloween illustrations using DALLE-3 inside ChatGPT Plus and I thought I’d share the process I went through trying to tweak an image to match my preferences.

Gucci Style - Fun with AI-Art

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows how much I love minimalism. It’s a style that I wish so much that I could apply to myself and my environment, but I generally struggle with it, so maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to creating minimalist art and photos in MidJourney.

There’s an AI Use Case for That

I love witnessing the lightbulb moment someone's eyes light up as they grasp the potential of #GenerativeAI. It reminds me of the early days of the iPhone and the App Store when users began discovering the "one app" that resonated with them, making the need for a smartphone click. It made it personal.

Compelling Profiles: Why Minimalist Profile Portraits Make a Memorable Impression in Marketing

Profile and silhouette portraits have always captured my imagination as a photographer. There is power and mystery in a striking profile or silhouette portrait. I'm working on an AI-series of design-style profile and silhouette portraits to showcase their beauty, strength, and mysterious quality. These portraits also work beautifully in design with single-color or gradient backgrounds, giving them a stylish aesthetic suitable for creative business and marketing purposes.

Shouting into The Void

Every creative mind has felt the angst and loneliness of our affliction. We battle the void in our own ways. So this is for all you void dwellers out there, shouting your hearts out. I hear you, I see you. Our voices may echo endlessly, but there is comfort in knowing the void cannot keep them contained forever.