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Leica 11-P Content Authentication Chip

Today's One Thing is about truth in photography with a new camera by Leica that has a built-in content authentication chip, signaling a potential turning point in a time where distinguishing real from fake is more challenging than ever.

Gucci Style - Fun with AI-Art

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows how much I love minimalism. It’s a style that I wish so much that I could apply to myself and my environment, but I generally struggle with it, so maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to creating minimalist art and photos in MidJourney.

Compelling Profiles: Why Minimalist Profile Portraits Make a Memorable Impression in Marketing

Profile and silhouette portraits have always captured my imagination as a photographer. There is power and mystery in a striking profile or silhouette portrait. I'm working on an AI-series of design-style profile and silhouette portraits to showcase their beauty, strength, and mysterious quality. These portraits also work beautifully in design with single-color or gradient backgrounds, giving them a stylish aesthetic suitable for creative business and marketing purposes.

Changing Perspectives Through AI

As an artist and creator, I have my ups and downs. Sometimes I get an idea in my head and can't stop thinking about it, like how I am with AI-generated art now; other times, I feel lost. I learned years ago that changing your perspective can often lead to a new mindset and ideas. I find this to be true no matter what I'm working on.

Using AI to Create a Photo Based on Blog Content

Selecting a photo for your blog post or website is a chore for some, but it's one of those elements that can make or break the content. It's also a task that can be time-consuming to do, especially if you prefer to avoid scrolling endlessly on Unsplash or stock photography websites.

Sunrise, Vending Machines, Coffee & Love of Cameras

When I was young, shooting with film, I took many of these photos but threw most of them away as the years went by, something I regretted. The older I get I realize how important the little moments in life can become in our memories.